Sunnia is a regular user on haiku that didn't give a fuck about flipnote and was never properly introduced by her real life friend, Blooberri.


 Sunnia made her first account sometime in 2012. At first, all she did was edit her profile since it seemed fun to her but other than that, she couldn't figure out how to use this satanic website. Around Decemeber 2012, Sunnia was in computer class with Blooberri and she decided it was a good time to go on haiku. She went on the paint thingy, drew a tree, and posted it. A few hours later, she got a reply from a not-so-active user named Ecilop saying "Fabulous tree".

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is when Sunnia became inspired to use haiku.

The BeginingEdit

At first, Sunnia only talked to two users besides Blooberri: Ecilop and Muffins. Sunnia had fun talking to them daily about life and all that shit (mostly muffins). Sunnia grew tired of just editing her profile so she just used it to talk to other. She was finally starting to the hand of haiku. One day, Muffins became incactive and that made Sunnia cry. Sunnia became less active for a certain period of time but returned for unknown reasons. To this day, Sunnia still cries every night over Muffins' disappearence. 



In June 2013, Sunnia deavtivated her account because Bloo was an ass and kept using her account to compliment her artwork. Sunnia was ok with it at first but it started to get out of hand, so she had to deactivate. Sunnia made a new account a couple hours later because she got bored. But she made sure she'd never tell Blooberri her password (actually she told me to keep this a secret so she wouldn't get in trouble with the admins but fuck that #yolo). Currently Sunnia has Bloo's password which she's planning to use for revenge if necessary. It probably won't be useful at this point.

Present DayEdit

Sunnia isn't even sure what's she's doing on haiku anymore. She's kind of just Sunniaing.

The Name SunniaEdit

The name Sunnia originated from well idk. Since it's pretty unique, she decided to make it her ID. It is both her haiku name and real life name. Her icon is just a thing she made from instagram I think.


Not long ago Sunnia made a second account which the ID sunnia2. She stated specially that she made this account to be Sunnia while she uses her main account to be sunnia. Her icon on that account is a picture of her and her friend (id:jeanbiscuit) trying to be white girls with their peace signs. 


She's obsessed with Hello Kitty which is really fucking strange for a 10th grader

She just sneezed

She's enjoying doing this

She posts too many selfies and regrets them later

She hates how Christmas is all about Santa and not Jesus like excuse u Santa it's not your time to shine

She doesn't have much in common with other haikuers which is why she isn't very popular

She probably doesn't give a shit about you, depending on who you are

She'll probably never reach her goal of 69 fans :^(

She just sneezed again

She's probably sick

Sunnia is SickEdit

Aw fuck not this crap again

Personal LifeEdit

Darude - Sandstorm

The Sunnia and Blooberri ComicsEdit

Sunnia and Blooberri began making comics back in 2011 I think. Usually Bloo was the illustrator and Sunnia was the narator. These comics would would consist of a Blooberri-like character that often wore a hoodie and a Sunnia-like character that wore a shirt with a skull on it. Other times these comics would invlove characters such as Mario or ghosts just randomized people. They would sometimes make these comics around recess time and/or lunch, but most of the time they did them in the school librery. Most of these comics were humorous and invloved situations. Some of the earlier comics represented Sunnia chasing after her (ex) crush. 

preview of one of the unfinished comics

Unfortunately, Sunnia and Bloo stopped making their fantastic comics due to the fact that they both went to different high schools and had to go seperate ways. All of the old comics are currently being kept in a folder Sunnia has at home. And no, you cannot visit her.