Sudofox is a user on Hatena Haiku who created Sudomemo, or the new Flipnote Hatena. His id is id:austinburk.

What Sudofox Does Edit

Sudofox runs Sudomemo, trying to make it look like the old Flipnote Hatena. On Haiku, he posts every once in a while and usually talks to other users with posts regarding Sudomemo. These are the things he did on Haiku that sometimes regards Sudomemo:

  • Sudofox accused 0DryBones0 of scraping as much bandwidth as he possibly could from the Sudomemo server and doing a denial of service attack. Sudofox also banned him from Sudomemo because of this.
  • Sudofox always(and still does) posts the same post every day on Haiku. This is the post:


This posts each day, so when I cannot visit Haiku, I am still here c:"

  • Sudofox caused some users on Haiku to id call like, half of the entire site's users, if not, the entire site's users, like a dozen times, causing lots of users getting lots of notifications regarding id calls.

Trivia Edit

  • Sudofox lives in the state of Michigan.
  • Sudofox created Sudomemo in January 2014(?).
  • Sudofox has lots of fans on Sudomemo.