Soul is possibly the most interesting character on Hatena Haiku. She has the probably the lowest ego on haiku and has expressed herself as one of the most depressed user of the site. She has many friends and has a past dating expierience with Nicholas that has been over for several months. She may not have much recognition in the form of fanbase, but she one of the the nicest attitudes (or so she has been told multiple times by many of the users) on haiku. 


Soul has expressed many attributes of her personality. 

She reports to have had breast cancer and now is currently suffering from Cardiovascular Disease, also known as heart disease, with some, not non-existant, but rare effects.

She reports to live with her brother and have an father who was arrest for attempted man slaughter toward his own child, and a lesbian mother who divorced her father nine years ago.

She claims to be black

She also wrote a friendfic that was ever popular before having a mental breakdown in May.