SilentCorrector is a member of this Wiki which can be assumed to be an alter ego of a member of Hatena Haiku.


As said up above the first belief which can be sprouted is that SilentCorrector is bound to be a possibly familiar face to the English side of Haiku. The gender is unknown and another guess which can be formed is that they are possibly a fan of the webcomic, Homestuck, as Dave Strider is their icon.


Silent Corrector says their purpose is to fix the things which are wrong with this Wiki. They first had themselves be known by fixing up the Flame War page with ideas on how to stop in with a little story nonexistent celebrity Hero Smith. Then they fixed up the Pop'n Music page with something much more educational and positive rather than a vulgar "Nobody cares" miniscule description. SilentCorrector also says they will not edit the pages of users unless they know the information they put on their pages is lies and will only edit things in other categories like Haikulture and Memes. They do not wish to see any badness come to this place as it will make them sad.