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Accelgor (id:Shelmet_Rocks), or Shelmet, is a regular user on Hatena Haiku. He remixes video game music, writes, and other things.

He was born December 24, 1999, and is currently 14 years old. The first Hatena service he used was Flipnote Hatena. His name is Oliver.

On September 2013, he made a deathfic called "Another:Hatena Haiku" which is like the anime, Another. The deathfic ended on December 30, 2013. (Another:Hatena Haiku)

On New Years Eve, he got his Gold Citizenship badge.


His first post on Haiku was made around July 2012. The account he currently uses was made January 15. 2013

Alternative AccountsEdit


Accelgor has currently 2 alternative accounts, ugh(id:ughkids) and Queen Fabulous(id:blondie14).

Queen Fabulous was your average homegirl. Originally, it was Accelgor's friend's account. He claims that his friend gave him the account when Flipnote ended.

First icon

Baliss' first icon, which shows a Pokemon Fusion of a Spearow and Tentacool.

Queen Fabulous started out as Baliss. Baliss rarely posted until December 2013 when she posted on BLesS~ about page that she rose from the ashes for him. A few days later, Baliss changed her username to Queen Fabulous and changed her icon t

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Baliss' current icon.

o a fabulous Rarity icon, which caught Cameron's attention. She made a question keyword and got camspammed. She deleted all of her posts.

On New Years Eve, Accelgor confessed and claimed to be Baliss/Queen Fabulous.

A few days later, Accelgor made an account by the name of "ugh".


Can u not

Ugh's icon.

ugh joined Haiku on 1/2/2014. They immediately made their presence known by mass favoriting all of the regular Haikuers, causing them to flock to ugh's about page with welcomes and questioning. ugh remained silent for a few minutes until posting a commentary on finals week. ugh strived to be unobtrusive, posting all of their haikus only on their about page without ever replying to anyone. Through their many posts, 

they tiredly expressed their desire to be a mermaid, as mermaid seashell bras only cost $1. ugh deactivated on 1/2/2014 for unknown reasons. blooberri was the first person to report on their demise. An hour later, Accelgor claimed to be ugh and posted a login screen to prove it.


Proof that Accelgor was Ugh and Baliss.


  • He is always on his about page
  • He can breathe
  • He is an Accelgor because on the internet, nobody knows you're an Accelgor. NOBODY.
  • I don't know anything else
  • cheese


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