Breloom, a Pokémon that Rydli is commonly associated with.

Rydli is a Silver Citizen of the web service Hatena Haiku


Rydli first joined Hatena Haiku on March 13, 2011. He first heard of the service when he was browsing through the late Flipnote Hatena, a service where he was a heavy user. In the beginning, Rydli didn't care much for Haiku, and preferred his community at Flipnote Hatena much more.

Following the fall of Flipnote Hatena, Rydli rediscovered Haiku one day in the late summer of 2013 when trying to ease the feeling of nostalgia he was feeling at the time. Fortunately he remembered his login credentials, and soon got to work at Haikuing. He became somewhat mixed up at the beginning by selecting RolePlay Chat as his keyword of choice, not knowing of it's infamy. However, in due time, he decided to break the ice and try out other keywords, though he is still considered a small user in terms of popularity.

Rydli often tries to make new trends, however, most of these fail right out of the gate. He is noted for being happy-go-lucky, friendly, and constantly horny over ordinary interactions with girls not interested in the hot babes he writes about all the fucking time. In his freetime Rydli likes to read, write, and play piano and trumpet/cornet, and listen to smarter music than you do.

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