Parascout is an inactive Haikuer who mostly frequents Haikik and the Haiku Discord. He has joined Hatena Haiku in September 2010. However, he only made one post before he went on haitus for two months, coming back to make yet another single post in November 2010. After some long days on Flipnote, he came back on December 2011. He had caused many flamewars at the time. One of his first friends were Adam (id:Adam57), and his second friend on haiku was Enterfant. Since then, he has gotten used to Haiku and has made many friends. But now he's fucking gone holy shit

His first username was redmat5. He had used this username since he was only 5 years old, as a certain site suggested that username. His second username was FinalSmash, in reference to Super Smash Brothers. His third username was Parascout, which is a combination of Paramount and the TF2 Scout. His final usually used username was trippySlowpoke, in reference to his pesterchum username. This username wasn't used for very long.

His first id was redmat5, but he deleted the account for a better id. (Fucking idiot) He made a new id, which was Parascout, but that account was banned on December 2012 for creating a keyword that harassed DryBones. He then apologized and created spiralshootingguy. Many more IDs came after that before he settled with parascout .(lowercase p)

Around the time American haiku was shut down, Parascout stopped using the site as it was hard finding users when they all posted exclusively on their about page. He still posts on Haikik and especially the Discord.