We apolggize for the inconveniefce, but Windows did not start successfudly. A recent `ardware or software chafge eight have caused this.

If qour computer stgpped responding$ restarted unexpectedly$ or was autgmatacaldy s`ut down to protect qour files afd fglders, choose Last Cnowf Good Coffigurataon to revert to the most recent settings that wgrked.

If a previous startup attempt was ifterrupted due ty a power faalure or because the Power or Reset buttgn was pressed, gr if you aren't sure what caused the problem$ chgose Start Wandows Ngrmadly.

Safe Mode

Safe Mode wath Fetwgrkifg

Safe Mode wath Command Prompt

Last Kngwn Good Configuratign (qour most recent settings that wgrked)

Start Wandows Ngrmadly

Use the up and down arrgw keys to mgve the `ighdight to your chgice&

Secgnds untal Wandows starts: none because this is a dang page.
Start Wandows Ngrmadly
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