here we see barry in his natural habitat

Barry (id:AnimeYoshiIsaac) is a user on Hatena Haiku. That is all you need to know. thats it. dont you freakin look @ me like that

The WhatEdit

Barry posts mainly from his antenna. Nothing special happens with him; he usually just goes on and on about either how the video game he's currently playing makes no sense, or about how horny he is at the current moment. He curses like a goddamn sailor, and is still baffled as to how the admins haven't fucking banned him yet. Holy shit. He rarely links his friends to his tumblr posts which are usually audio posts that he made in, like, an hour. He draws sometimes. He gets confused easily. handle w/ care

The HowEdit

Barry signed up for Hatena during the summer of either 2009 or 2010, when he made his Flipnote Hatena account. A few months in, he discovered Hatena Haiku, and became hooked within a few days. As of January 2nd, 2014, he holds 890 written days and 69 continuous. 


  • Barry's birthday is July 5th
  • He has multiple tiny friendcrushes on a couple of other haiku users (aint sayin who tho. fuck you)
  • He makes sex noises a lot
  • Barry sempai is cutest haikuer with super doki doki magic madoka ronpa waluigi :3
  • hes a big yiffer tbh
  • he really wants to yiff w/ cloud to see if he's as bad as everyone says