"do U cLop?"


Aerialbird lived a short life on Haiku, he was known for beiing obsessed with clop and spamming various keywords with questions like the Camspam. He had an ID of the same name.


Aerialbird asked a few users such as Cameron and Element "do U cLop?". He also posted a few things on Rhythm's page. "You're not the real Roykun", and "What is your favorite anime?". Aerialbird later went on to have a fight with Cameron over Rarity, leading to Cameron totally owning him. Aerialbird then went on to reflect the Camspam by spamming question keywords with questions, but alas when he was spammed by Cam himself he couldn't take it and deactivated.

Possible Alt AccountEdit

Aerialbird somehow knew a lot of users on Haiku and knew about the 2013 Haikuer awakrds, leading to speculation as to how he gathered this information. He was likely an alt account.