0DryBones0 (current id is id:o_DryBones_o, and his former id was id:Andre6059) is a user on Hatena Haiku who kind of likes South Park, and he sometimes says "Pouth Sark" instead of South Park.


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June 2011

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0DryBones0's First Appearance on Hatena Edit

0DryBones0 first joined Hatena in June 2011, by the username of Andre and with an id of Andre6059. Andre's first flipnote he made had something to do with the 20th Century Fox logo. Andre first posted on Hatena Haiku in around September 2012. Then 0DryBones0's first post on the Japanese Hatena Haiku was posted on April 17, 2013 at exactly 6:51 AM EDT.

0DryBones0's id change from Andre6059 to o_DryBones_o Edit

0DryBones0 made a new account with the id of o_DryBones_o in around March to April 2013. 0DryBones0's old account, which was id:Andre6059, got deleted. 0DryBones0 was in the "~Open Chat~" keyword when he posted an entry giving away his account's password. Then, someone hacked into his account and deleted it. Then, 0DryBones0 decided to make a new account, with an id of o_DryBones_o. He is currently still using the id:o_DryBones_o account.

0DryBones0's Friends on Haiku Edit

0DryBones0 has many friends on Hatena and some friends on Haiku. These users are some of 0DryBones0's friends.

0DryBones0 was Anthony's first friend on Hatena. 0DryBones0 and Anthony became friends on Flipnote Hatena in around September 2011, and 0DryBones0's username was Andre at that time. Anthony and 0DryBones0 have been friends since then, and they are currently still friends today.